I wanted to show you some places where I have been. Sweden is beautiful.

kvehorses.gif (149022 byte)    ehrendal1.gif (159979 byte)    ehrendalsten.gif (168502 byte)  ehrendal2.gif (133714 byte)  ehrendal3.gif (155299 byte)    ehrendal4.gif (147085 byte)    ehrendal5.gif (157799 byte)    kvegero1.gif (151800 byte)    kvegero2.gif (146267 byte)    kveblomma.gif (149418 byte)   kvegero3.gif (145387 byte)    ehrendal6.gif (92479 byte)        
Pictures from Kvegerö and Ehrendal between Gnesta and Vagnhärad, Södermanland, Sweden 

trosa1.gif (189802 byte)    trosa2.gif (89607 byte)
From Trosa

stendorren1.gif (156579 byte)    stendorren2.gif (154776 byte)    stendorren3.gif (159256 byte)    
From Stendörren by the east coast

dreviken.jpg (112121 byte)



wpe56724.gif (86465 byte) From the Stockholm archipelago

We live south of Stockholm. We have very nice surroundings and the town of Stockholm is ok. Some time ago I got myself a good Canon system camera.  Now its invaluable for my work. I take long walks in the forests south of Stockholm, espescially during spring and fall. My favourite area is Tyresta National Park, 25 kilometers south of Stockholm.


wpe89628.gif (72758 byte)  wpe72877.gif (70949 byte)  
Pictures from Tyresta National Park.

Vagnhärad and Gnesta

80 kilometers south of Stockholm we have a cabin by a lake. We spent a lot of time there last summer building a new cabin so which we have used alot. We plan to build a big house here in a few years and I will have another studio there. Its close to the small towns of Vagnhärad and Gnesta.

wpe56196.gif (89862 byte)    wpe77873.gif (23741 byte)    wpe09611.gif (69118 byte)    kvegero4.gif (84164 byte)    boden.gif (85517 byte)    promenad.gif (109278 byte)    
Pictures by and around our cabin.



Katarina and I love to spend time in Greece. We've been to Corfu, Zakinthos, Karpathos and Crete.  In Greece we travel by bike. We don't hang around the beach or the hotels at all. Many of my paintings use Greek motifs.  We are thankful for being able to visit Greece and its people.

wpe09277.gif (57842 byte)    wpe23765.gif (120249 byte)    wpe64126.gif (99493 byte)    wpe58825.gif (70630 byte)      
Pictures taken on the Greek island of Zakinthos.

Me and family

I am 46 years old and I grew up in Trollbäcken, south of Stockholm. Katarina and I were married ten years ago.

wpe25521.gif (16867 byte)wpe98704.gif (28381 byte) Katarina and Stefan