Lefkas, Lefkada

We came to Lefkas, Greece in 2005. Stayed in a place on the east coast called Nidri.


The waterfall

Just outside Nidri. The water was cool and nice coming down from the mountain.
Jonny took a swim.




We soon left the main road to find peace and beautiful scenery.
We found it up in the small village of Poros.

We went by bicycle to Poros.

On the way to and at  the village of Poros





The trips

We got away from the main road, riding our bicycles.

The views

Frequent water breaks.

Camera: Jonny. He usually got up the hill before the rest of us.

Just above Poros

Feet in sea-break




Favorite restaurant

In Poros we found Nick´s
It´s a family run tavern serving wonderfully prepared
food. We spent hours there alone on the terrace with spectacular

The only restaurant in Poros

On top of the hill where the road ends.


Spiros Levendopoulos

We got bicycles from this fine gentleman in Nidri. He managed to find
a small bicycle for Jerry. Good man.

Levendopoulos and his place.


We recommend

A fine restaurant at Nidri wharf.


Nidri wharf

Nidri has a wharf with restaurants and cafés.
We went there after sunset.

The Tunedal´s by the wharf




There are too many cars on Lefkas. It´s not an island because you can reach it by car crossing the bridge. It´s not a greek island experience. But don't get me wrong: you can still have fun and a great time as we did. Just get away from the main roads.

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