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Katarina and I went to Corfu, Greece and the little village of Kassiopi (Cassiopi). 

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By Kassiopi


Kassiopi is located at the north east of Corfu, just by the sea. Our appartment had a view of a cove coming in just below our balcony.


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Kassiopi ruin

As you walk Kassiopi you soon notice that it's a calm village even if it's rather big. The young people, of which there are many, go to other parts of the island where there are sandy beaches. Kassiopi has beaches of gravel.


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Olive tree

It is quite some distance from the airport which could be considered awkward by some.


 There is a main road going through the village. It goes from the harbour to the road which leads to Corfu Town. Our favourite restaurant is found by following the quay towards a headland. Where the quay ends you climb a few stairs to this place. We returned to this restaurant several times. They have a water tank with live fish by the entrance and all tables are actually very good. I recall shrimps, octopus and clams. Not many find it because it's off the main road.

The Square

There's a little square in the middle of the village where the locals mingle with the tourists. The older local men have kept possession of the square, especially in the late afternoon. They go there, discuss, and seem to enjoy themselves. Bars and some restaurants surround the square and it's a fantastic place in the late evening. We often spent time there with something good to eat and drink.

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Motif from Kassiopi, Corfu

Corfu Town

We headed for Corfu Town on the first day. Roads meander along the coast from Kassiopi and it's very high. The sea is way below the road. We soon realized that we wouldn't make it back on our mountainbikes before darkness so we turned back. It doesn't really matter where you are on this island; the route must be one of the prettiest we have ever travelled. The small villages hang on the slopes and they are many. We had a late dinner at a restaurant there high above the sea.

We arrived in the town of Corfu later. It was incredibly warm that day and I remember that we took a nap in a park near the old castle. Corfu Oldtown is a maze of small alleys where we tried to get lost. We didn't succeed.


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Corfu Old Town +  Katarina

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Liston (big square of Corfu Town)


You can easily see Albania from the eastern part of Corfu. If I remember correctly it's 3 kilometers across where it's the closest. The mountain chain of Albania looked like giant, muscular primeval monsters sleeping in the sunlight.


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Albania seen from Corfu Town


We decided  to go up towards the highest point of Corfu; called
'Pantokratór.' Its at 906 meters above the sea and we would probably have made it if we had located the correct path of the last few hundred meters. Surely we came to 850 meters above the sea and we saw a goat herd which had at least 100 goats on these slopes with the assistance of one dog. It was very windy as we reached the crest,  but still it was warm.

Agios Stefanos

We walked to this little village called  'Agios Stefanos.'  It was almost completely quiet. The road to this place was sensational as we first walked uphill for one hour from Kassiopi and then turned down towards sea level through a fantastic part of the island. The last bit went meandering steeply down to this village which looked like a coin next to the water.


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Agios Stefanos

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The slopes above Agios Stefanos