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    The bicycle trips from Pigadia

    1. Aperi and Volada.
        Aperi's stairs.

    2. Concrete road via 
        Panagia Larniotissa.

    3. Amopi.

    4. Stefana and Ardani.
        Rock formations.

    5. The calm valley.








1. Voláda and Apéri.

We travelled by bicycle from Pigadia heading north to the beginning
of the mountains. We continued up the mountains to Aperi and finally Volada.

aperi_taverna.jpg (79094 byte)    
We received a sensational salad at this tavern in Aperi. The waitress didn't speak any english. 
The tavern is located next to the main road.

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Aperi's stairs. 

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Aperi from above.

2. The concrete road

A road made of gravel and rocks will take you east out of Pigadia, out on the headland.
Several steep climbs lead to this concrete road.

betong_m_amopi.jpg (87218 byte)    betong_tunnel.jpg (118115 byte)    betong_tunnel_vid.jpg (94389 byte)        
The concrete road. It ended just south of Pigadia.

udden_est.jpg (59288 byte)    betongvag.jpg (81959 byte)    
We found a big monument on the headland. (No picture of the monument.)

3. Amopí

We found a sandy, shallow beach in Amopi. We came here via the road leading
to the airport from Pigadia.

hav fr amopi.jpg (91605 byte)    
View from Amopi facing Panagia Larniotissa

amopi_hus.jpg (129863 byte)    amopi_sten.jpg (80599 byte)   
This house is located on a point between the beaches of Amopi.

4. The beach next to Stefana

As we followed the coastline east from Amopi, we came to a long beach with
sharp, pointy rock formations. Sea water had evaporated from deep holes, leaving
layers of salt.

vulkanvik.jpg (105843 byte)

vulkansten.jpg (96141 byte)    vulkanvik2.jpg (80519 byte)

5. The calm valley

One day by noon we got to this valley of olive plantations. The heat urged us
to take a lengthy break.
asna.jpg (143326 byte)
    olivtr1.jpg (161245 byte)    olivtr2.jpg (107468 byte)    
kattis_olivtr.jpg (102953 byte)    olivtr3.jpg (113571 byte)    
The original idea was for us to get up to Kouri. We didn't get any further than this.

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olivtr_par.jpg (104596 byte)   


We spent evenings and nights in Pigadia.

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Pigadia is located on a slope towards the Mediterranean Sea

pigadia_trappa.jpg (75026 byte)                

The Harbour

Every night we returned to the area surrounding the harbour.

bat_m_nat.jpg (112318 byte)    bat_rod_skorsten.jpg (113492 byte)    
Fishing boats entered the harbour in the evening and also late at night.

Charming woman

Ask her for advice. She owns this store.

tourist_shop.jpg (115547 byte)   
She is charming and she is honest. She can also arrange rooms to rent. Her shop is just close 
to the harbour.

Tomatoes, oil, salt and bread

brod_nar.jpg (80979 byte)    citron.jpg (65929 byte)        

olja.jpg (51611 byte)    tomat.jpg (43226 byte)    brod_bord.jpg (66784 byte)    
Standard breakfast

bageri.jpg (88614 byte)    
We went to this bakery every morning for bread. It's next to the Art-Center.


hellinikon_gre_skylt.jpg (79905 byte)    hellinikon_skylt.jpg (72937 byte)
We had the best salads at the "To Hellinikon". Large portions. Honest, pleasant service.
Beer glasses were frosted. Hellinikon is located on the road leading down to the harbour. 
Unfortunately I didn't get a good photo of the premises. It's an excellent place.

kyma_lokal.jpg (98832 byte)    kyma_skylt.jpg (79110 byte)
At the restaurant "To Kyma" (The wave) we got very nice sea food. I recommend
the "Grilled Calamari" and I highly recommend the "Shrimps To Kyma." Great service. Kyma is at 
the harbour.

Minas Vlahos

He was born on the island and we met him at the Art-Center. It's in Pigadia.

art_center.jpg (71077 byte)    
He plays loud, beautiful music in the gallery which is his own. He told me that some local
priests had complained to him about the motifs of his paintings when his gallery was opened.
Minas shows strong paintings inside the gallery. 

Bicycle rental

Bicycles for rent is not a common thing in Pigadia. You understand why this 
is so when you get up in the mountains. Still we like the bicycle best. It is unsurpassed.

cykeluth_lokal.jpg (106911 byte)    cykeluth_skylt.jpg (115244 byte)    
The owner of this bicycle rental shop once  worked in Tampa, Florida. He took good care of us and our 
bicycles. It's located just outside of Pigadia along  the road to Aperi.


aperi.jpg (81613 byte)    det_aperi.jpg (68089 byte)
Motif from Aperi (detail to the right)


Photo: Stefan Tunedal

I look forward to answering any question you may want to ask. Mail directly to:


29 juli 2002



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