Budy Lucienskie
Lucien, Poland

Seven days in May 2007
Arranged by Adi Art

Amanda, Carolina, Daria, Stefan. Art school: color harmoniesBudy Lucienskie restaurant. Guitarplaying.Isabelle and owner of Budy Lucienskie: MircaIsabelle Lemaitre, artist exceptionellDaria & Isabelle, artists
Angel Kitipov, artist Bulgarie, starting  fresc preparationLars, Vico, Stefan. Vico = fresc expert and guide of projectStefan Tunedal - first day, looking for fellow artist to work beside him. Searching for Monet.Stefan, Angel - first day of painting.Ulli, Piotr. Married, living in Poland.
stefan tunedal, Budy Lucienskie billiard master?Angel Kitipov, artist spectacular.Piotr Król, Budy Licienskie chessmaster and artist magnifiqueStefan, Raul, Vico. Vico composed fresca
Fabio Vettori, popular cartoonist and excellent driverLars, Stefan. Fresc painting is nervous work because you can not repair mistakesStefan, Adam: good friends in humorVico Calabro, fresc expert with classPiotr & Stefan: grew to become very good friends
Isabelle & Ulli: team in creating groups and good feelingVico & MircaStefan & Lars working indoors in the beginning of the week because of outside temperaturestefan tunedal, artiste grandiosoStasys & Stefan armwrestling: loud and hard. Putting on show.
Lars Hansson, artiste marvellous, a k a David LynchRaul Govea, artiste exclusifPiotr & Stefan. Moment after this picture was taken, Piotr jumps in Stefan's arms. True.Stefan, Ulli, Raul. Lake is located a few minutes by foot from Budy Lucienskie.
Daria & Angel.Lars, Angel & Stefan. Weather got better and better.Angel Kitipov, Bulgaria. Likes to ride bicycle.Piotr Król, polish artiste fantastique, dressed for sunny day paintingStefan & Angel: enfants joie
Isabelle Lemaitre, spirit généreuxIsabelle Lemaitre, professeurBudy Lucienskie fresca: Mirca portrait by tunedalDaria, Amanda & Vico
Ulli, Stefan, Piotr, Carolina & AmandaStasys Mostauskis, artiste noblesseArt expert Adam Kowalczewski + Piotr presenting Ander van der Licht, famous painter. Painting costs £100.000
stefan tunedal singing well known tribute to Adam KowalczewskiBudy Lucienskie 2007. Budy Lucienskie frescaAmanda, Carolina, Daria & Stefan. Class outside today, next to the singing frogs.
Mirca with dancers. Mirca is a fantastic singer and composer.Piotr Król. Piotr Król, showing great source of inspiration
Lars and StefanUlli, Piotr, Stefan, Carolina, Amandastefan tunedal on a hot day

Mirca group