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We brought bicycles and visited Sodermanland (Sormland) this 2003 summer. 

The Sodermanland province stretch from the east coast, just south of the capital city Stockholm, to the lake Hjalmaren.

First day

Torsaker - Erendahl - Gnesta - Norrtuna - Gasinge - Bjornlunda - Gnesta - Torsaker.

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North of Gnesta.

These are wonderful places! The trick is really to get away from the major roads, travelling the narrow, dirt roads. Norrtuna and Gasinge showed its best.


Gnesta is a very nice place, we think. We favor the  salad bar "Arena" which is located next to Benktas Lumber some distace from "downtown". This bar give good service, great pasta and decent meat on the menu. Gnesta is missing a hotel.


We got a bad impression of Bjornlunda because of the receptionist of the youth hostel. Once we had found this place we then was met with this snotty woman. It's possible that I scared her. This could explain her attitude.

Second day

Lastringe - Balinge - Tystberga - Bjorksund - Anga - Sjosa - Nykoping

Our trip from Lastringe down towards the coastline was priceless! Especially the trip between Tystberga and Anga. 

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Blue fields, close to Tystberga. What are these flowers?


Of all the places we have visited in Sodermanland, Nykoping is the very favorite. It's big enough, has a few hotels and several restaurants. Most of all it is a beautiful town.

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Nykoping stream.

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Nykoping fortress

Jack's bicycles

Katarina has a good bicycle. I rented mine at Jack's which is in the centre of Nykoping. I was very pleased with the bicycle and the service I received. Top class.

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Top class bicycle rent.

Hotel Wiktoria

The Hotel Wiktoria is a pleasant hotel. It's located in the centre of town. They serve a good breakfast and treated us kindly. Not expensive.

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Hotel Wiktoria in Nykoping

Third day

Nykoping - Svarta - Bogsta - Okna - Veda - Lastringe

Fantastic roads for bicycling! Lots of oak trees and birch in the meadows.

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North of Lastringe

Thank you for your interest.

Stefan Tunedal

Photo: Stefan Tunedal