The dark Småland. We bicycled in the Vimmerby surroundings in the year of 2004.


We mostly stayed on small roads. Found new friends on the way.

Tired and very hungry in Mariannelund.



It looked exactly as in the fantastic movies about Emil. The place is privately owned but they allow people to visit.

Note: For those who doesn't know about the Emil movies; it's a set of stories made into movies, originally written by the swedish writer Astrid Lindgren. They were filmed on locations around Vimmerby, and Katthult was Emil's home.

Katarina inside and outside "Snickerboa"

The road went through Katthult.

Alfred's house

The board between the two shed, famous from the film.

The soda tree from the movies about Pippi, another story by A Lindgren. We really like Astrid Lindgren.


The big, old oak tree

It's in Kvill, just outside Vimmerby. One of the biggest trees in Europe.


More than a thousand years old.


Well kept farms

All animals we saw on our trips looked as if they were doing very well indeed. And the farms were well kept and clean. This also goes for the gardens that we passed. The people of Vimmerby seem to appreciate order and prosperity.

A kitten in the window. This farm is close to Backa, northeast of Vimmerby.

If you should ask me for a good place to hide, then I would suggest that you go to these parts. The farms are small, lots of tall spruces and small winding roads.


By Snokebo


Hotel Carl IX

We stayed at Hotel Carl IX. It's nice, clean and with decent prices. We had a view of the town main square.

Good breakfast. Excellent coffee.

Our window is just above the letter H.



We didn't fins any very good restaurants. The best dinner we had at our own hotel.

Ice cream

Wonderful ice cream is served at this small café. Try the chocolate.


Tasty ice cream


Photo: Katarina and Stefan