We stayed in Tsilivi for two weeks. Easy to like the place despite it being a village mainly for tourism. It had the nice, messy and yet cool atmosphere in the evenings which we like.

Photo from Tsilivi


Kipseli and Alykes

Kipseli is a small, beautiful village high up on a hill. The road to this place and continuing to Alykes is a great trip on bicycle with beaches and small villages on the way. Amoudi is a fantastic beach before you reach Alykes.

Beach photo

Agios Marina

A tough ride up the mountain to this village where you could find one lonely restarant. If you're lucky you might meet the owner who will tell you what he wants you to eat. He tought us to like Beef Stifado which is a gulash dish with small onions - "excellent!"

Beef Stifado



We came again to this place which, if you go there at noon, will be like coming into a Spagetti western Movie. We were here also in 1999 and there is a café which could serve great sallad. We were fortunate.



No-no unless you are 16-18. Bad place.


Zakintho town

The first view may deter you from a visit but if you get into the core of this town and leave the trafic you may experience something really good but you have to look for it. Don't bother visiting the harbor which totally lacks charm.

Photo taken in Zakintho town



The best thing you can do here is to glide on your bicycle through the wine and olive cultivated parts of the island. They cover the area from the chain of mountains in the west all the way to the east coast. The area just east of Macherado may be the most delightful.


Close to Macherado



This was the best restarant. In fact I believe this is the best restaurant we ever visited. It's 1 km outside of Tsilivi. You might try their lamb. They give you a full plate which unfortunately may not be the case in the village. The owner lived in San Francisco for many years.




Planet Pub in Tsilivi

Very nice place indeed with very good music. Managed by Englishmen.


From Planet Pub in Tsilivi

We also recommend

Good bakery in Tsilivi

Serves a decent english breakfast (Tsilivi)

Good service bike rental (Tsilivi).


The beach

Long beach often with good waves. Perfect! Clean!

From Tsilivis beach




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